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On the verge of madness, Venture kills himself, leaving Augustin alone and lost, with the shreds of his military uniform as the only reminder of — and link to — human civilization. A wild leopard appears, and a dangerously seductive bond evolves between the soldier and the animal, which shows him the way to a hidden source of water and even shares its prey with him.

Communicating through gestures, the leopard, which Augustin names Simoom, introduces him to a whole new way of life in which harmony prevails between nature and its untamed inhabitants.

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Set at the end of the 18th century, yarn obviously aims to be a philosophical reflection rather than a simple man-animal exploit. Currier juxtaposes science and technology specifically, navigation instruments with the beauty of nature as a simple and pure mythic force.

Endowed with a strong physical presence, Daniels moves gracefully, and his quiet, prolonged interactions with the leopard played by three different wild cats are often mesmerizing. Taken out of context, this element of the tale, which is innocently conceived, might upset conservative parents, who may not deem it proper for their children to watch. Produced by Lavinia Currier.

Directed by Lavinia Currier. Reviewed at Telluride Film Festival, Aug. Also in San Sebastian Film Festival.

A Passion in the Desert

Running time: 93 MIN. Cinema can find so many ways in.

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A Brazilian produced movie turning on a troubled favela-set father-daughter relationship, it snagged best actor Bukassa Kabengele and cinematography Laura [ According to a report in HuffPost published Saturday, Cohen allegedly sexually assaulted an unnamed victim — given the name Jane in the article to protect her anonymity — while she was unconscious.

The reported assault occurred in after Cohen invited [ The most peculiar thing about Passion In The Desert , and what often elevates it to high camp, is how conventional the romance plays out between man and beast. Tenuous at first, the relationship begins with a few meaningful stares and some dancing, moves quickly into the heavy petting stage, and ends when one of the partners loses interest and starts seeing another animal.

Currier finds the desert as photogenic as ever, but the gorgeous photography only compounds the silliness, lending this would-be Walkabout all the naturalism of The Blue Lagoon. The A. Scott Tobias.

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