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Event Types Terms:. Adult Event. He's the law in Pitkin County, Colorado, and his freewheeling past is not an asset in fighting the recall election engineered by the usual moneyed land developers. And his Aspen constituents -- with the wealth, power, and jet-set misbehavior that implies -- are burdened with their own pasts and the consequences that have followed them into the present.

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The past is a looming specter in Austinite Zigal's third Kurt Muller mystery. Sheriff Muller revives an ill-advised affair with black sheep socialite Nicole Bauer in the same bedroom suite where years earlier her beau -- Sixties blues-rock wunderkind Rocky Rhodes -- took a header from the balcony. Although a jury found Nicole innocent of assisting his return trip to Jesus, the townspeople remain largely unconvinced.

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Against this backdrop, Bauer enlists the sheriff's protection from a nasty stalker who she believes is Rocky returned to life. Mere hours after the lawman leaves her home, Nicole does her own full gainer from the balcony and the whodunnit is underway. It's soon apparent that the "anything goes" ethos of the Age of Aquarius spawned a seamy legacy that is far from peace, love, and harmony.

Pariah is populated by a mixed bag of characters.

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Some are quirky and interesting, like Rocky's former piano player who has descended into the murky world of semi-pro porn video. He musters a mean-spirited grace that is somehow uniquely British. Dec 08, Ed rated it really liked it Shelves: crime , law-enforcement.

The final entry in the series has ex-hippie Muller facing a recall vote sponsered by County Commissioner Ben Smerdlas. I find it odd that the Commissioner should engage in a debate with the embattled sheriff - why not have the prospective sheriff speak. In any event, Muller is under attack for being too easy on Mexican immigrants and illegal drugs mostly marijuana. He is opposed by ex-drug users, now rich developers, who want to despoil the natural beuty o 3 in the Sheriff Kurt Muller series.

He is opposed by ex-drug users, now rich developers, who want to despoil the natural beuty of the area and put up more ski resorts. Kurt Muller series - In Aspen, Sheriff Kurt Muller is the law: a single father with a checkered past and the notion that right and wrong still matter. But the next morning, Nicole is found dead, and Kurt is a prime suspect.

Jun 04, Brenda Mengeling rated it did not like it Shelves: 49 , ebook , fiction , mysteries. Police cannot do the things the sheriff in this story did and not be arrested for committing felonies.

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This was not some noir story it takes place in Aspen, Colorado, for starters , where a private eye walks a personal, fine line of honor that sometimes violates the letter of the law. This was a sheriff in a small, ritzy town, who shares custody of his grade school son, who bumbles around on half thought out hunches, and ignores all the smart people in his life. A mess from start to finish. An Police cannot do the things the sheriff in this story did and not be arrested for committing felonies.

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An annoying mess. Jul 20, Cat. Another in the series set in Aspen with the sheriff as the protagonist. This one is about the wife of a dead rock musician being found dead just where her husband died 20 years earlier. Of course the other part of the equation is whether she was driven to suicide on purpose to clear the way for new developers to take over her property. And the sheriff was with her a couple of hours before she died, and he's on video with her in bed Oh, the complications, but really a good story. For some reason, this book made me think constantly of the Heart song "Magic Man" Good reading!

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I feel I know the author by the sincerity of his writing. Keith rated it liked it Dec 26, Cat rated it it was ok Jan 10, Gggrrg39 rated it liked it Jan 22, Nancy rated it liked it Feb 21, Sunny rated it liked it Nov 04, Marco Massenzio rated it liked it May 22, Larry rated it liked it Nov 15, Ann rated it liked it May 30, James Winner rated it it was amazing Dec 28, Irene McDonald rated it liked it May 27, Shauna R. Smith rated it really liked it Jul 01, Jay rated it really liked it Mar 28, Shannon rated it liked it Apr 25, Cathy Jones rated it it was amazing Jan 06, Wendy rated it liked it Jun 22, Mike rated it it was amazing Nov 02,