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Spider-Man swings again as Sony and Marvel resolve dispute. Dancing On Ice Who are the contestants? Home Job. Menu go. Follow the Irish Examiner. Picture: Dara Munnis. More on this topic. More in this Section. The same thoughts that trouble me during the day are only compounded by the stillness of the night. And, above it all, I hear the thumping sounds from above, the pulsings from the mountains.

Drawing me closer with each beat. Vin is conversing with other members of the nobility, and is pleased to find out Kelsier's attempts at causing tension among the Houses is working.

Vin is still troubled by Dockson's talk, and wonders, and is worried to talk to Elend for fear of being uncivil. Vin also learns that the Inquisitors are tracking down the skaa thieves more frequently. As Vin is about to leave, Shan comes to talk to her. She tell Vin to search through Elend's books the next time she sees him, and report back to her. As Vin is waiting for Sazed, she sees Elend. She walks over to him, and asks him if he's ever slept with a skaa woman. Elend explains his father made him once when he was thirteen, but he never did again.

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Vin talks to Elend about how skaa really act, and Elend is fascinated by it. Elend leaves with his friends after giving her a handkerchief, showing that he would like to seriously court her as well.

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Vin decides to spy on Elend and his friends, and uses Allomancy to get to the tower where Elend and his friends are. Elend's group are talking about the Lord Ruler's faults and what should be done about it when their generation takes control. In the middle of the talk, Kelsier arrives, and Vin and Kelsier both leave the window and go their separate ways.

In the end, I must trust in myself. I have seen men who have beaten from themselves the ability to recognize truth and goodness, and I do not think I am one of them. I can still see the tears in a young child's eyes and feel pain at his suffering. If I ever lose this, then I will know that I've passed beyond hope of redemption. Kelsier and Vin both arrive at Club's shop, where many of the other crew members are.

Kelsier discusses the status of the mission, and Vin realizes how much she loves her new life, without hiding in the shadows. Kelsier asks Ham to go to the Garrison, and Vin decides to go with him to learn about Pewter. On the way to the Garrison, Ham talks about his family, and a little about Kelsier.

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He also gives her some Pewter pointers, and plans on showing her by sparring with someone at the Garrison. When they get there, they find out that the Garrison leaving.

Vin overhears the conversation between Ham and Sertes, and finds out that the skaa rebellion has attacked the Holstep Garrison to the north. No man dies by my hand or command except that I wish there had been another way. Still, I kill them. Kelsier decides to try to warn the skaa army. By constantly flaring pewter in order to run to the caves , he hopes to arrive there before the Valtroux Garrison's army. Vin joins Kelsier and learns the hard way about pewter dragging. Kelsier and Vin leave the army to its fate, continuing on to the caves.

At the caves, Kelsier and Vin find 2, soldiers alive. Mennis gives Kelsier more advice as they chat in the mists at the end of a day. When Kelsier asks Sazed how much speed he has stored, Sazed admits that it is a "very difficult attribute to collect. Kelsier and Vin followed the Luth-Davn canal as they ran from Luthadel. The crew talk about the future of the job, and how it currently appears to be a total failure. Spook bursts in and announces a meeting in the fountain square - executions.

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The crew head to the square and bribe someone at a building around the square to let them have the roof to themselves. The crew watch many skaa murdered, their blood emptied into the fountain, and Kelsier convinces them to continue the job. He does not believe that an outsider such as myself - a foreigner - could possibly be the Hero of Ages. He believes that I have somehow tricked the philosophers, that I wear the piercings of the Hero unjustly. According to Rashek, only a Terrisman of pure blood should have been chosen as the Hero. Oddly, I find myself even more determined because of his hatred.

I must prove to him that I can perform this task. Sazed delivers a message from Marsh, telling Kelsier where the two can meet, in the Twists. Kelsier and Vin head out to observe the meeting point hours before the meeting, and as they wait they talk about the Eleventh Metal.

He also explains Feruchemy , and gives Vin some gold to burn. Her first experience with it. At the meeting, Marsh describes the Soothing stations in Luthadel. Marsh also says that Inquisitors can die of old age.

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Sometimes, my companions claim that I worry and question too much. However, while I may wonder about my stature as the hero, there is one thing that I have never questioned: the ultimate good of our quest.

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The Deepness must be destroyed. I have seen it, and I have felt it..

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This name we give it is too weak a word, I think. Yes, it is deep and unfathomable, but it is also terrible. Many do not realize that it is sentient, but I have sensed its mind, such that it is, the few times I have confronted it directly.

It is a thing of destruction, madness, and corruption. It would destroy this world not out of spite or out of animosity, but simply because that is what it does. He also mentions that the Tekiels were killed by House Hasting , and that House Venture is in charge of the atium mining.